What years do you consider the golden age of gaming?

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What years do you consider the golden age of gaming?

Mensagem#1 » 26 Mar 2018, 04:33

I been gaming for well over 25 years and I experienced alot of different generations of games and Era's from the rise of Nintendo in the 80's to present day. Looking back what decade or years do you think was the best of gaming and probably will never be topped?
For me it's 2000's you think I would of chose the 90's just for nostalgic reasons. But as great as that decade was for games nothing has comes close from 2001-2008 not only single player games but Multiplayer especially. What is your golden age of gaming? and favorite games of those years? here is my list of favorites from that time.
Max Payne 1&2 PC
GTA games 3, Vice, San Andreas and IV.
Half Life 2
Counter Strike Source
Battlefield 2 PC
Condemned Criminal Origins
Medal of Honor Allied Assault
Resident Evil 4
Mirrors Edge
Dead Space
I'm sure I'm forgetting alot but anyways whats your golden age of gaming?

Any help appreciated.

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