Why it is profitable to open cs go cases in online web-stores

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Why it is profitable to open cs go cases in online web-stores

Mensagem#1 » 29 Jun 2017, 07:22

Hi there:) I am sure it is much more wisely to spin five boxes than to purchase one box for the same money! Sure you know that for opening of csgo boxes from steam you need to purchase a key for it for near $ 1,5! As I know buying of Valve boxes is of a low profit...

There is not more than 12-15 particular stores that could be trusted with csgo boxes to open on market!.. On such web sites for example here you can purchase special cases with special case for different prices and special opportunity of great openings!.. Formerly I was spining cases only in the steam store web-site.I've opened many cs:go cases in such sites... I thought that particular sites for box buying are scams!.. The main profit I've got from such services and the vast majority was made on Open CS:GO!

1 year ago I've thought better of it! The items that I've got there are brilliant AK-47 Fire Serpent, AUG Akihabara Accept, M9 Bayonet box hardened, Sport gloves superconductor. I mentioned only some of my great models... I would change models with a pleasure just send a message!

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