discounts, bonuses and other good things for case buying

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discounts, bonuses and other good things for case buying

Mensagem#1 » 13 Jul 2017, 11:09

Did you ever received push notifications? People register to push notifications, and then ignore them.I mean Open csgo for example!.. If you are a items hunter then register for push-notifications either! Push notifications cover promocodes for feachers, off-price and other good things... 10 box openings with 15% discount give one free opening by the way.

These codes can give discount 10, 15, 20%!In the notifications can be hidden promo codes with special goodies... 1 free opening! How to register pushes?.. Just push the bell on OpenCS:GO web site and you will be registered!.. Earn incoming from notifications, they are really working!

Subscribe for push-notifications and win items from boxes for almost free. The last promo code from notifications gave me $1.50 on balance and I used to buy the case for $0.25 and win UMP-45 Blaze from it...

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