Eee! Major gave me nice skins

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Eee! Major gave me nice skins

Mensagem#1 » 27 Jul 2017, 06:28

That Major in Krakow is keenly contested may be!.. As for me I am watching each game! Yet before the champ I think the box named PGL Krakow on Opencsgo. com. I wrote already near high success of spining of dreamhack and ESL offers on Opencsgo too. Just look at these items.

So I was in expectation of new case and newest success! I was thinking to purchase the offer after next qualifier yesterday eve... And the time has come)) I refilled my balance for $ 55. I had on my account a few nice amount but I provided to add several 45$! I have fixed that than oftener you fill it than higher opportunities to win profit! So here we go... M4A1-S Cyrex for about 6 $ was the 1st skin!

Then I made a few failing spinings and lost near by 65$... But I wasn't disturbed about it and knew that I will win something good... I usualy knew: when there is a will there is a way! Can you think Fade glock-18:) This was one of my best drops. may be I will buy that box again in few days|I will try to open the case when the main part of Major will go on|During the main part of Major I will try again}!.. I think the story with this box is not over yet))

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