The site where I got my best items

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The site where I got my best items

Mensagem#1 » 15 Ago 2017, 11:52

I have some nice knives and guns!.. I have some great models in my inventory!..I was spining many times cases which dropped after the game but each time it was great disappointment:) I used to purchase cases in special stores of CS GO cases, too:) I mean my experience of case opening on such sites was not very profitable!.. I was always wondering about those people who get high models on services with CS:GO cases:( Once I saw an ad of the case spining service that I never saw before. Of course, I had to test it.

Open CSGO is the web site I am talking about:) I got to learn that this site has become the title sponsor of the victorious of PGL Major Krakow 2017:) uch advertising activities show seriousness of the web-store I think!.. However I was inspired to earn nice items!.. And more, newest services are often giving a lot of good wins in the beginning!..And, yesterday I registered on the web-store and deposit $100!
I began from cheap cases!.. I've made the first opening and got XM1014 Blaze Orange factory new!!! The beginning was very promising!.. Then I made some more openings and gained Nova Blaze Orange for $11... After that I wanna to catch the greater fish... My target was progun, the offer for $ 25!!! I've made 4 opening and lost almost all my money on account and my hope, too:( But it was not the end... I have win THE HIGH M4A4 Howl well worn for about $550!!! I've goth the TOP skin first time in my life!.. I think to play with this skin some games and then I will sell it. Maybe someone wants to change it..?

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