CSGO Skins brought me near $ 500

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CSGO Skins brought me near $ 500

Mensagem#1 » 29 Ago 2017, 12:30

That day I was absent from job because of chill!.. I was playing CS:GO almost the whole day. I have some nice skins for guns and knives and use them during the game.In the evening I decided to watch Game of Thrones but recently that I used to check my facebook page) Ant there I saw Opencsgo.
This ad told that I will receive 50USD more for any dagger from any box... I like opencsgo.com and got few times there nice models:)On web-store I saw the banner near 50USD for any dagger again. I filled my account with 100 $ and decided to open the box with knives!.. The plan was that I'll win gaining any way!.. The first drop was falchion dagger forest ddpat in battle scarred quality! $40 is the price of that knife and the profit is almost 100 $ because of those 50USD. The beginning was very cool. The next time I caught Gut Knife Damascus Steel Well-Worn for 50 $.

In such a way I used to earn 100 $) Truly, easy does it, than I got about 400USD using that technology:) I used to buy the case over yet and over and got daggers with additional 50$:)And then happened something truly wonderful. The spin was Karambit Box Hardened Minimal Wear for near $300 with extra $50!.. And that service made me really successful:) Totally I earned near $ 500... I think it should be more but there were some problems with the web site I am sure because of traffic!..I'll try to earn again today!

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