Dream Hack Malmu brought me M4A4 Howl

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Dream Hack Malmu brought me M4A4 Howl

Mensagem#1 » 06 Set 2017, 08:17

This time, I mean Dream Hack, I made a bet and was sure that Gambit will win! I was watching each game of the Dream Hack in Malmu) The results of Malmu made distressed! But they won a great championship... G2 Esports is not my favorite team... During the last game I think an ad of one box with CSGO models:)

In first I clicked it but then forgot about it) After G2 won the game I decided to play the game too and joined steam:) And then I remembered near the Dreamhack Box on this site...

I used to try my own fate. I had on my account some dollars but add some more funds! I never was so lucky! Never till today I did not see such openings! I dropped AWP Oni Taiji and AK-47 Neon Revolution during first 15-20 spins. But this was not the end. Do you know already? HOWL M4A4!.. I was only watching on the screen during about 10 minutes! Tomorrow I will by hot graphics card I wanted for a long time. HOWL, I LUV U.


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