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Item Lore catch expiriense

Mensagem#1 » 18 Set 2017, 06:00

I see that a real skin-fever has start in the world:) Recently I have forgotten what CS:GO is because I don't have enough time! Almost all free time I devoted to skinhunting:) So I sold my skins and put up money on special web-sites with CS:GO cases) Open csgo particular web site gave me the best incoming that I even didn't hope to win. I was buying boxes on OpenCS:GO earlier and win nice incoming there several times.

These days I decided to pen cases there again and earn two Lores:) From the FB ad I've found out that there are offer with many Lores models was made and one more Lore skin is added to every box... So I made a dep with 100USD... Then I start choosing my own box:) I opened 20 boxes +- and earn bad items)

I begun to be nervous) Then I began to purchase one offer only! I purchase Ultraviolet case 4 or 5 times and then got it – Flip knife Lore!.. Thereafter I started to open Catch Lore case!.. This was my first victory of that day:) I was on edge again like earlier!.. First 10-11 dropps were not good and I got less than I paid!.. And then I earn StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet Lore for near $ 1000!.. This spin session gave me 2 cool Lores) Now I can sell them or change them...


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