Banana Kill made me happy

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Banana Kill made me happy

Mensagem#1 » 25 Set 2017, 06:17

Recently I have got a push from is!.. There was an invite to open banana kill case... One happy day banana offer gave me a very nice spin!.. I've decided to check it!The price was $2.99 instead of $11.99. The price is very attractive I think! Besides there are 97 items in the end and 66 among them are profitable:)

These terms are very good I think) I prefer to calculate the correlation of models which give profit:) Now, I made the refill and started to spin) About 10 first openings were unsuccessful) Nevertheless I believed I will drop a great item from that offer... There were such not expencive skins in first as Brass, Nuclear Waste, Origami and many same shits:)

I know the rule that than more U R buying one case than more chances to get good trophy with each ongoing time!.. I believed in my great luck with every following spin. Next 10 times I got nothing... The only gaining I've caught were Tec 9 Terrace and AWP Phobos:)

Then I decided to make the pause to have a lunch after my banana-quest! And the 3rd spin after meal was my precious!.. I've got Bayonet Tiger Tooth that prise 330$!.. Now, lets count: I purchase banana near 30 times that means $ 100:) During these bad drops I have got models for near $ 20!.. Now, the loss are 70$ and the skin I dropped (tooth) is $330 now the incoming is more than $ 250:) This was my own bananahunt on Open CS:GO and I can sell the tooth!

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