I have got lot of different but not very expensive items in my own inventory

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I have got lot of different but not very expensive items in my own inventory

Mensagem#1 » 25 Set 2017, 06:39

I have some nice knives and guns:)Many times I purchase cases which spin after the game round but never it was something really wanted) I was also buying cases with CSGO models in different online stores and shops... I was always thinking that stores with CS GO boxes to purchase are scams. I mean my experience of box buying on such stores was not very profitable... Once I saw an ad of the offer spining service that I never saw recently:) Certainly, I decided to try it:)

Here is the web store I am talking about!.. I got to know that the site is the title sponsor of Gambit team and they gained the victory in Major that was lead in Krakow... Sure that is talking about commitment) I was sure about nice spin. More over, hot sites are often giving a lot of nice wins in the beginning! Now, yesterday I registered on the web service and refilled 100$. I began from not expencive boxes...

And the first opening gave me XM1014 Blaze Orange well worn!.. The beginning was very promising:) Then I made several more spins and gained Nova Blaze Orange for $5!.. After that I wanna to catch the greater fish... Progun, the case for 26$ was my goal. I made 4 bad opening and already began to worry( And then. I have win THE GREAT M4A4 Howl well worn for near 550$... This was the first time when I got really high cost item from a offer:) I gonna to use this item in the game and then to sell it!.. Maybe someone wants to change it.

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