Network 2 Linux Mint 17.1 machines

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Network 2 Linux Mint 17.1 machines

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I had Linux Mint 13 networked to a windows 7 PC using samba and everything worked fine. That's history. I installed Linux Mint 17.1 on my desktop (Old Mint 13) and gave my window 7 laptop away. Bought a new Acer Aspire laptop and installed Linux Mint 17.1 on it.I had assumed that the two Linux Mint 17.1 machines would see each other automatically and that I would not need samba to network and share file between the two. I am using a netgear router and ethernet for all devices. Networking issues tend to make me feel like I'm going around in circles so I am requesting that any responses please keep you answer simple. I don't want to talk about Linux to Windows issues. I don't want to talk about wireless. My main questions right now are:
1: Can I network two linux PC's running Linux Mint 17.1 cinnamon using software included with the package?
2: If the answer to that question is no, then do I still need to use samba?I intend to read and study the answer before moving on to my next question

Please help.

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