Don't be greedy for VIP status subscription – it is justifies itself by offer buying

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Don't be greedy for VIP status subscription – it is justifies itself by offer buying

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Some days ago I was watching box spining stream on Open CSGO!.. And I'll tell gamers he had nice spins:) The man who bought cases had an premium status) Not that I remember now many great spins during 1 wisit.I saw the hot VIP account feature is there but took no notice of it... I was very jealous about his profit and steel also I was glad I saw it... And how wrong I was! Right now I do understand how many nice drops I have lost without premium account subscription)Right after the video I decided to research what gives premium account on

There are 3 types of premium accounts on on that web service! Now, if you want U can study what features gives premium account! U can subscribe basic, expert and premium subscribe... I have subscribe the premium one!.. There was written there are really cool things giving like premium giveaway, access to VIP status cases and 6% better spin!.. After I have bought VIP account I had to select offer to open.

The first thing was researching the hidden boxes which I can not spin without VIP status. I was shocked because of many items in each box among VIP status-boxes!.. I have put up money and chose that case with Nickolson!.. Realy Third spin gave me Desert Eagle Hand Cannon for $60 to sell... The premium status drops me my own first good drop... Then I realized that I can make good spin from more expensive box:) The next box to spin was Raider) I hot I could purchase it only 3 times but I was sure it is gonna be ok) I have got Falchion Knife Boreal Forest for near 60 usd!.. I was thinking to make a coiple of dropps for that money) And the first spin gave me M9 Bayonet Crimson Web for about 150$! That was my own last drop that day! It's very important to stop while 1 be ahead!

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