There is real random spin in hot boxes on Dropgun

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There is real random spin in hot boxes on Dropgun

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I have made few spins on Dropgun recently. . . I was opening some boxes here and got some nice items but after that did not buy it. . . Lately I've got to know that opencsgo. com is the title sponsor of Gambit team!. . Sure that store that makes a name sponsoring a great team is a serious one. . . After that news I've looked at opencsgo. com from different point of view. After I entered the store I think there were new boxes. After all these news I decided to purchase there some boxes) The cases seemed to be very profitable with cool items!

Thus, I have put up some cash and looked for the offer to spin!. . Usually I buy expensive and not low cost boxes because of higher chances of nice spin!. . I'm trying not to open not expencive cases because of bad spin. . . I decided to buy Gunmaniac offer. The web site tells near random drop from cases:) So I was gonna to find it out. 5 first spins were not very nice models but 3 of them made incoming)

The start was hopeful. Then I got ?StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet Lore. . . After near 10 bad spins I have got AK-47 Fire serpent factory new) Then I made near 10 opening again but got nothing attendet!. . Now let's calculate I made about 20 bad openings after filled with 100 USD:) These bad drops took about $80:) And two openings gave me about 300USD) So the incoming is about 200 USD and that top models I can sell or change:)

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