After buying premium status subscription I caught M4A4 Howl easily

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After buying premium status subscription I caught M4A4 Howl easily

Mensagem#1 » 09 Out 2017, 12:02

Some days ago I was watching box buying stream on Opencsgo! Not that I remember now many great drops during 1 wisit... That guy told he has bought the VIP status Open CS:GO!.. And I will tell U he had nice spins... I saw the ad of premium status status Open csgo but did not take a pass on it:) And how wrong I was. I was really green-eyed about his spins and steel I was happy I found out the reason of it. Now I Just can imagine how many great drops I missed because of not purchasing VIP status... Right after the video I choose to research what gives VIP account on that web service!.. U can visit and find out the privileges of VIP status owners) There are 3 types of premium subscribe on on OpenCSGO...

There are basic, expert and premium packs!..I've subscribe the premium 1... There was written there are truthly great things giving like premium giveaway, access to premium account cases and 6% better spin!.. So I subscribed VIP status it and begun to choose MY OWN case!.. Certainly, I went to the part that was inaccessible without premium account I mean hidden cases! I did not see recently such many great and profitable skins in 1 case!.. I've put up cash and chose that box with Nickolson! And it was yummy, the 3rd spin drops Desert Eagle Hand cannon for allmost $ 65. That premium status subscription gave me cool drop in the very beginning! After that I decided to purchase more high cost) The ongoing case to opening was Raider... I could open it only 3 times but I was sure in profit!.. And the third spin drops me Falchion Knife Boreal Forest for near $ 60:) I decided to spend cash in that case for 2 more openings) And the first spin gave me M9 Bayonet Crimson Web for near 150$! That was my last drop that day:) It's very important to stop while one be ahead...

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