Do not be greedy for premium status subscription – it is working by offer buying

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Do not be greedy for premium status subscription – it is working by offer buying

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Some days ago I was watching offer buying video on Open csgo:) That streamer had an VIP account subscription to his profile... I have not seen before such good openings in such short time) And he made good drops there even knife was among his wins!..I noticed there is premium status available and steel ignored it then! Right now I do understand how many great openings I've lost without premium status subscription. I was truthly green-eyed about his drops and steel I was happy I read out the reason of it!.. And now I see I was mistaken!..Straight after watching I opened Open CSGO to study everything about the VIP account. U can visit and find out the privileges of VIP account owners:)

OpenCS:GO offers 3 kinds of VIP accounts. U can register basic, expert and premium subscribe:) I have subscribed the premium one! It gives access to premium account cases, no-amount case, premium giveaway and 6% better drop) After I have bought VIP status I had to select offer to open... The first thing was researching the hidden boxes which I can not buy without premium status.

I didn't see before such many good and expensive skins in one box! I have put up cash and chose that box with Nickolson. Realy Third opening drops me Desert Eagle Hand Cannon for 55 $ to sell:) The VIP account drops me my first good spin:) Then I realized that I can make great spin from more expensive offer. The Raider was my own next box to buy) I could buy it only 3 times but I was sure in success:) And the 3rd spin drops me Falchion Knife Boreal Forest for allmost 60 $:) I decided to spend cash in that case for 2 more spins) And the 1st spin gave me M9 Bayonet Crimson Web for about $150) After that I decided to stop... It's very important to stop while 1 be ahead!..

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