Increasing squad size of infantry.

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Increasing squad size of infantry.

Mensagem#1 » 27 Abr 2018, 08:39


Wow this is very complicated. I've been trying to increase the squad size of the U.S light rifleman from ten to 15 man squads. I have the modding suite and understand it to a certain point. I know how to get to TuniteAu and Tunitebehavior and Tmodernwarfardamgemodule but I'm at a stone wall trying to figure out what instance the Light Rifleman is. TuniteAu does not seem to show the instance i need. Does anyone have experience in changing squad sizes?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Re: Increasing squad size of infantry.

Mensagem#2 » 12 Mai 2018, 16:13

Hi man, you have a discord? You can try find a answer on a Squad modding discord.

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