Transitioning from desktop support to server admin - what to learn?

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Transitioning from desktop support to server admin - what to learn?

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I've currently reached the point in my career where I'm itching to move up a bit higher than desktop support (been doing that for 6-7 years now). I've had enough exposure to Windows Server administration through my current job that I know it's something I could do. Because of that, I am currently looking for positions where I could be a junior systems administrator, and not be expected to know everything right off the bat. But even so, I will certainly be expected to know some things already.
The question is, what are all those things? I've spent enough time poking around the work domain in ADUC to know something about domain structure, I also know how to work with policies (seems to be not too much different than how local group policy works, except now it's on a domain and there's inheritance going on as you go deeper into the OU structure). I also run a Server 2008 R2 machine at home as a backup server, and configured it (for kicks, mainly) as a DC (and also a DHCP server). So I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the fundamentals of Windows Server administration (honestly, it seems as though it's all pretty much just a logical extension of working with the desktop version of the OS), but am not really sure what the expectation level of knowledge will be. Obviously, every prospective employer is different, but I figured that asking on the forums here might give me a pretty good idea of what is commonly expected.So that's really my question to the forum: if you were hiring someone to be a junior sysadmin working on Windows machines, what would you expect them to know to be considered a decent candidate? Are there any things that are fairly important to have a grasp on which I probably wouldn't have learned just by paying attention and picking up what I can as a desktop tech (or my tinkering with running a small domain at home)?

Please help.

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