Will The Latest Update Of MapleStory 2 Save Your Rest of Maplers From Meso Sellers

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Will The Latest Update Of MapleStory 2 Save Your Rest of Maplers From Meso Sellers

Mensagem#1 » 08 Jan 2019, 23:49

Nexon declared the Producer Blog of Week 7 MS2 Mesos , supposed the latest update of MapleStory 2 was formally released. The highlights of this updates are numerous modifications brought into the sport which serves nothing but combating and annihilating the enormous quantity of MapleStory 2 Meso sellers along with the Real Money Trade(RMT for short). Although they do seem really promising and formidable, what are the real results once they are successful from the game?

Certainly, Nexon is taking its tougher lines with more essential restrictions against the Meso Seller and Mesos trades at the moment. Now it's been four days in the launching of Week 7 upgrade announcement, there is already a pile of unpleasant measures of suppression that has been initiated in the sport namely crack down upon"suspects" in relationship with Meso-selling. More than 20,000 accounts which have been affirmed and addressed by Nexon as"malicious" were already being ruthlessly banned without notifying accounts' owners previously. "To reestablish the industry equilibrium," the manufacturer of MapleStory 2 addressed this as the ultimate goal of"combating Meso sellers." Irrespective of how light and absurd this excuse is, nevertheless, nearly all legit gamers should have rejoiced at this moves. But as a matter of fact, few of Maplers actually applauded over this reform, and more furious booing came out and mingled with the grievance of unfair treatment.

Dramatically, Nexon was fully aware of collateral damage that this upgrade has already created would befall the"normal players" and stir up a big protest and disapproval. "we tried to minimize the effect our changes can cause toward our typical players" the Producer Blog wrote this down. Which degree of"effect" the ordinary players now are undergoing? What are their responses and appeals to those modifications? Now, let us take a brief summary of those executed measures against Meso vendors:Black Market / / 1:1 Trade Level Restriction will require you to have level 60 character in the account to record / commence and will need level 50 to purchase/accept;Making Crystal Fragments account-bound;Lower the exp obtained from Fishing and Fishing Instruments to degree 60.

At this time, these restrictions were generally considered"getting out of order" by the majority of the players. Although nobody wouldn't really back up for Mesos RMT, players got more furious and mad towards the newest terms, especially the newcomers, and older players trying to level up alts in different servers. As a new player who heavily depends upon savings on Black Market for exchange of fundamental fostering supplies and has no affection for either epic quests or dungeon raids, this kind of Market Restrictions gradually drives off him the game as a result of the more time and problems that will spend on fostering to par 60. But for those consumable supplies, like potions and leaves, there's literally no issues in selling these by the time you're able to buy them, they are all"too little, too late" for you due to those Restriction No.1

Furthermore, based on the step Buy Maplestory2 Mesos , you can not even help your friends who desperately want some free potions to start with the game now because most of trades involved with non profit players at Black Market are obstructed and canceled. The fluctuations were supposed to undermine the Meso' trades, today ironically, is detrimental that the gameplay of gamers who have nothing to do with all the"offenses"

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